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Gymnastics for Toddlers Aids Development

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Gymnastics for Toddlers Aids Development

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According to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the character trait ‘grit’ is the most effective predictor of a student’s future academic success.  Dr Christina Hinton, a neuroscientist and faculty member there, said: “Our results suggest that grit does not require pushing yourself at all costs, but rather cultivating healthy emotional regulation skills and effective learning strategies.”  Gymnasts understand this.  The importance of getting sufficient sleep, nutrition, making time for gymnastics, school, family, faith and other extracurriculars are all things even our youngest athletes learn. Involving young children in developmental physical activities enhances proper physical, mental and academic growth. The findings show that this should begin with crawling or earlier.

Infants through five year olds should:

  • Exercise their large muscle groups each day
  • Be engaged in games that involve crawling, walking, running and skipping
  • Practice motor development in a large, safe area
  • Practice balance skills
  • Practice eye-hand coordination every day
  • Practice auditory and visual processing activities

Gymnastics incorporates and promotes all of these developmental requirements for young children! Bronco Elites’ preschool programs for children from 15 month to age five and a half feature gymnastics as the ideal foundation from which children can base all future movement and sports skills.  Motor coordination, social and emotional growth are strengthened by our fun, developmentally appropriate activities.  All of our instructors are fully trained so that they guide each participating child through specific skills for fun and practice, with each class building on the one before it.
Our classes include:

  • Parent Tot
  • Tiny Tots
  • Kindergym
  • Advanced Kindergym

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