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Developing Junior Olympians

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Developing Junior Olympians

The Best Developmental JO Clubs in Each State

July 11, 2017

Lauren Stevens

 With the growing popularity of gymnastics, we thought it prudent to recognize the top developmental JO clubs in each state! It is important to note that these numbers fluctuate each year and a club having several girls graduate last season only lessens the number of 10s this season.  Simply put some gyms are amazing at developing their level 9s and 10s from the compulsory levels. So while this is not an exact science, Chalk Warrior will be tracking clubs in the coming years to gain a better perspective.  So if you didn’t make the list this year we will be watching next season!

These are some of the top developmental gyms in each state.

All stats are based off of the 2016-2017 competitive season.

*NDA = No data available

We are proud to be named one of two top developmental gyms in the state!


Bronco Elite

# of AA State Champions (levels 1-10): 3

# of Compulsory (Level 1-5) Gymnasts: 36

# of Level 9s: 5

% of Level 9s Brought up from Compulsory: 40%

# of Level 10s: 4

% of Level 10s Brought up from Compulsory: 25%

# of Western (Level 9) National Qualifiers: 3

# of JO National (Level 10) Qualifiers: 1

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Dear Bronco Elite Clients,

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* Small class size Rec gymnastics & Ninja classes are open

* Day camps now open

*No birthday parties or open gym until further notice

Please check our social media pages, our website and emails from us to stay updated on changes in our program.

Email us asap boiseinfo@broncoelite.com if you have any questions or concerns about our policy!

Thank you for your continued support
as we move forward in May 2020!

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